NOTE: Due to the current wave of Omicron variant infections, we are postponing this seminar until May when we hope things will have improved considerably.
NOTE: you will need to submit a photo of your CDC vaccination card showing you have received all available booster shots at least 2 weeks before the seminar.
We are very excited to welcome you to a Saturday with Weldon Mauney Sensei!

We will be taking all the following steps to keep everyone safe, and you must email ( or text us (504-644-7351) a photo of your CDC Vaccination card to participate.

You can pre-register now to reserve your spot.

And please also fill out our online waiver.

Weldon Mauney Sensei studied under Hiroshi Kato Sensei from 1998-2012. He received his kyu testing, first, second and third degree black belts under Kato Sensei. After Kato sensei’s passing in 2012, he received his fourth degree blackbelt under Seiji Ido sensei in 2015. He started Wing Chun initially under Sifu Chris Damiano and for the last three years has been studying under Sifu Gary Lam. His Aikido is both sharp and gentle and characterized by beautiful spirals, efficient footwork, and a joyful concentrated connection with his partners. He is interested in how his Aikido and Wing Chun practices can artfully interact. We are excited to get to spend a day practicing with this exceptional teacher and practitioner.

More information is also available on Facebook and you can also ask questions there and communicate with NOLA Aikido Dojo-cho Brian Levy about the seminar (as well as by replying to this email.)

For out-of-town guests, we can provide accommodations at the homes of our students, or suggest hotels, b and b’s, or hostels.  It is also possible to stay in the dojo.  Just email us ( if you would like help with this.

We look forward welcoming you to a weekend of joyful, creative, and inspiring practice with this very special teacher.

Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are as always very warmly welcome!