Classes for Children & Teens

Our children’s classes differ from our adult classes depending on age. For our youngest children (beginning around age 4), we offer our Peaceful Samurais program, where kids learn aikido principles through movement, breathing, stretching, and balance in the context of fun, interactive games.

Beginning around age 6, we offer our Peaceful Ninjas program, where we introduce children to traditional Aikido in the context of more complex games and exercises. And we begin belt tests to help kids set goals. Each child is encouraged to grow depending on ability, aptitude, and emotional maturity.

Beginning around age 10, we offer our Peaceful Warriors program, where we continue traditional aikido training and belt testing, with more emphasis on technical detail, communication skills, emotional intelligence, self regulation, healthy social interaction and, if needed, anger management.

Finally, beginning around age 15, our Aiki Teens are welcome to participate in our Adult classes, starting with our Basics classes and in time moving on to our General classes.  Older teens are also welcome to take part in our bokken and jo (sword and staff) classes.

We have chairs around the mat, so parents can stay and watch during children’s classes, or may leave and come back.


Our Peaceful Samurais program is $85 per month, while our Peaceful Ninjas, Peaceful Warriors, and Aiki Teens programs are $95 per month. For families enrolling more than one child, we offer a $10 discount for each additional child.

Though dues may be paid by check or cash, we prefer that members use credit or debit cards, set for recurring payments on the 1st or 15th of each month. We do not require monthly contracts.


For children, we offer a New Student Special  at a discounted price of $145 for our Peaceful Samurais program, and $165 for our Peaceful Warriors and Peaceful Ninjas and Aiki Teens programs. The price includes a two-month membership, plus a keiko-gi (practice uniform).

Parents with children are always welcome to attend one free class. It’s a great way for parents to learn whether Aikido is something their kids will enjoy. Parents are welcome to get on the mat to practice and play with us, too.

Please contact us for more information.