NOLA Aikido has launched a new podcast: Art of Peace. The podcast debuted with its first episode, “Applying a Growth Mindset to Aikido Practice,” on Dec. 19, 2022. In the episode, Jaime Dunkle, 5th Kyu, interviews Brian Levy Sensei, NOLA Aikido’s Chief Instructor, about Aikido and the growth mindset.

You have to do what balances with the rest of your life,” said Levy Sensei in the interview. I think the growth mindset mixed with consistent practice will lead to ongoing progress, including the plateaus.

Before listening, please know that the first episode of Art of Peace was unplanned and takes place at a lively café in New Orleans. The audio recording was originally intended to inform a written article, “Redirect Your Inner Chatter with a Growth Mindset.” Fun fact: Playing back the audio used for the article is what sparked the inception of the podcast.

We hope you enjoy our first show. Future Art of Peace episodes will feature conversations with visiting Sensei, local students, and Aikidoists with all levels of experience.

You can listen to the Art of Peace on the following platforms: AnchorSpotifyApplePodcastsAmazon MusiciHeartRadioAudible, and Google Podcasts.