NOLA Aikido is pleased to announce it will once again host Glenn Leichman Sensei, 5th Dan Aikikai, for a weekend seminar. Leichman Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Aikido Seattle and Aikido Willapa Bay. He began his practice of aikido after seeing it on his first visit to Japan in 1979. Since then he has studied under a number of Senseis, but his main influences have been Endo Seishiro Shihan from Hombu Dojo and Jan Nevelius Shihan from Vanadis Aikido in Stockholm. He encourages maintaining a calm state of mind and performing unhurried technique. This seminar will focus on movements that occur naturally with emphasis on spirals, rhythm, and staying in connection in movement. This will also be a ‘kagami biraki’ seminar for renewing and re-dedicating our practice and spirits in the new year. Aikidoka of all styles and levels are most welcome!

Pre-registration (by Dec. 29th to receive a discount) is now open

You can find more information about the weekend on the flyer.

And communicate with us and other participants on the Facebook event.

For more information now, or for help with accommodations for out-of-town guests, please contact us.

Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are warmly welcome!

(Kagami Biraki is a New Year’s Seminar intended to start your new year of practice off with great energy and rededication.)