We at NOLA Aikido are so fortunate to have had the support and inspiration from our good friend Weldon Mauney Sensei since the very earliest days of our dojo.  Weldon Sensei brings such a refreshing and beautiful approach to our shared art inspired by the wonderful waza of his teacher Kato Hiroshi Sensei as well as deep study of wing chun, a subtle and powerful Chinese striking art. 

This is our inaugural one-day Saturday seminar.  With two two-hour sessions and a price of only $25, we feel this will be a wonderful addition our seminar calendar, one which we can all come out and enjoy in the middle of the ‘dog daze’ of summer in N’awlins.

So sign up now, and come enjoy a day of incredibly fun and inspiring Aikido practice together!

You can download the flyer above here.