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We at NOLA Aikido are so fortunate to have had both support and inspiration from our good friend Weldon Mauney Sensei since the very earliest days of our dojo.

Weldon Mauney Sensei studied under Hiroshi Kato Sensei from 1998-2012. He received his kyu testing, first, second and third degree black belts under Kato Sensei. After Kato sensei’s passing in 2012, he received his fourth degree blackbelt under Seiji Ido sensei in 2015. He started Wing Chun initially under Sifu Chris Damiano and for the last three years has been studying under Sifu Gary Lam. His Aikido is both sharp and gentle and characterized by beautiful spirals, efficient footwork, and a joyful concentrated connection with his partners. He is interested in how his Aikido and Wing Chun practices can artfully interact. We are excited to get to spend a day practicing with this exceptional teacher and practitioner.

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