See below for video of Taina Sensei’s class when she visited us recently at NOLA Aikido.

Taina Nyström Sensei, 4th Dan Aikikai, practices and teaches at the Akari Aikdo Dojo in Vantaa, Finland

Taina became interested in Aikido through her experiences in contact improvisation. Her focus is on keeping both the movement and the connection flowing without any break, opening all senses to the partner to guide their movement just at the right moment into the chosen direction, working with a deep and enjoyable contact.

Taina‘s main teachers are Endo Seishiro Shihan, Jan Nevelius Shihan and Miranda Saarentaus Sensei.

Thank you, Taina Sensei, for the joyous, deep practice.  We look forward to next time together on the mats already!