I am very excited to announce that Sonja Sauer Sensei, 4th dan Aikikai, 2nd dan DAB, will be teaching a special live-streamed Zoom class this Saturday!

Click here to join the class at 1 pm CDT (the meeting will be open by 12:50 pm)
Meeting ID: 843 1378 3348
Password: lillsved
From Sonja Sensei:
“After having practiced aikido for 18 years now, my fascination with and love for this beautiful art still seems to grow deeper every year. Deeply inspired by the teachings of Jan Nevelius Shihan and Jorma Lyly, I find particular joy in trying to improve our movements through studying the side of uke in our waza, and deepening our understanding of the inner communication between uke and tori. Blending form/structure/sharpness and contact/communication/softness drives me both in my own learning process as well as in my teaching. And on top of all of this, aikido is simply great fun!”

Sonja Sensei runs a dojo together with her husband Peter Menke Sensei in Duisburg, Germany (Aikido im Hof), where she teaches and trains with kids, youth and adults.

What to Bring to Class:
For this online class it would be helpful if you could bring a jo (any broomstick will also do) and a bokken (should you have low ceilings a large wooden kitchen spoon will also suffice ;-) ).

Wear comfortable clothes.

Aikido beginners warmly welcome.

Suggested donation to the UNICEF Covid-19 Children’s Fund ($20).

If that’s too much, pay whatever feels comfortable. If you’re feeling a financial squeeze just come to class.

To donate please send to:

Venmo: @xernaut

We look forward to practicing with you on Saturday!

Please share this email with any and all you think might like to attend.

Thank you!
Brian Levy
Chief Instructor
New Orleans, LA, USA