We are very happy to announce a live-streamed Zoom seminar class taught by Rupert Berk Sensei next Saturday, December 12 at 12 pm CDT | 19:00 CET | 6 pm UTC!

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Rupert Berk Sensei Bio

Rupert Berk Sensei, 4th dan, trains and instructs at Aikido Seattle Dojo. He began his training in 1995 and is a student of Jan Nevelius Shihan. He has also been inspired by the teachings of Mary Heiny, Frank Ostoff, and Seishiro Endo Shihan, among others.

Seminar Theme

Ukemi in the Ho-jo

Class Description

The past year has challenged all of our relationships, including our relationships with our Aikido partners, our center, and the ground.

This class will explore what we can do in our ho-jo (home dojo) by ourselves to reconnect to our centers and to the ground.

What to Bring to Class

A padded surface, ideally at least 2 meters by 2 meters. We will do some very slow and low rolling on the ground. If you are not fortunate to have access to tatami, foam camping pads or air mattresses or rugs will suffice.

A small ball of some kind, ideally something that fits comfortably in your palm (10-15 cm in diameter).

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The seminar is by donation, and all proceeds will go to support Berk Sensei and NOLA Aikido as we continue to bring this practice into the world.

Suggested donation: $15-35

Donate via Paypal: (paypal.me/nolaaikido)

(If that’s too much, pay whatever feels comfortable. If you’re feeling a financial squeeze just come to class.)

Beginners are warmly welcome.

We look forward to practicing with you next Saturday!

Please share this email with any and all you think might like to attend.

Thank you!

Brian Levy

Chief Instructor/Dojo Cho
New Orleans, LA, USA