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We are excited to announce a special live-streamed Zoom seminar class taught by Margit Melcher Sensei this Saturday at 12 pm CDT | 19:00 CET | 5 pm UTC!

Margit Melcher Sensei Aikido Bio

Even as a child I knew that I wanted to learn “something Japanese” – and knew that it wasn’t Judo, which back then was already being offered everywhere. It wasn’t until my time at university that I discovered what I was looking for – AIKIDO. I was fascinated by the spiraling movements, the idea of using an opponent’s energy, the fundamental philosophy and the fact that there were no competitions.

After two years of training with Ronny Karnik Sensei I took a seven year break after becoming a mother. Afterwards I discovered that it was not possible to train at my old club without a student ID, so while looking for an alternative I found Gert Pöckl Sensei’s classes at the VHS Brigittenau.

I was introduced to Endo Shihan after Gert Sensei asked me to accompany them on a trip from Linz to Vienna. This trip and the subsequent seminar changed everything – I was fascinated and knew deep down inside that I had already found the teacher that Gert had told me I would have to seek out after achieving my first dan. I wanted to train more, so I followed Gert to the Budocenter and thus to the Meiyukai Dojo Wien, which at the time followed Hosokawa Sensei.

Ever since then I have seen Endo Sensei multiple times per year and organized his seminars in Vienna.

Our dojo’s name – SenShinKai – was given by him.

Gert Sensei offered me the possibility to teach at Meiyukai Dojo very early – which is, in my opinion, very important for one’s further development in Aikido. In 2006 one student (Thomas Lukasser), who for professional reasons was only able to attend trainings irregularly, asked if it would be possible to take private classes from me in the former horse stall that I had transformed into a practice room. As time passed, more and more students joined us, leading to the grounding of the SenShinKai Dojo in 2015.

Seminar Theme

Correct irimi tenkan and its consequences.

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The seminar is by donation, and all proceeds will go to support our work to bring this practice into the world.

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You can wear your keiko-gi or loose-fitting comfortable clothing.

Beginners are warmly welcome.

We look forward to practicing with you this Saturday!

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Brian Levy

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