We are very happy to announce a live-streamed Zoom seminar class taught by Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan today from 12:00-1:00 pm CDT | *18:00-19:00 CET *5:00-6:00 pm UTC!   Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan holds the rank of Roku Dan (6th dan), received directly from Moriteru Ueshiba, Aikido Doshu.  She spent over 14 years in Japan training at the Aikido World Headquarters and teaching Aikido professionally at a dojo in Tokyo.  Tomoleoni Sensei is Director of the Aikido Shimbokukai, an organization Officially Recognized by the Aikikai Foundation and Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. She also has yudansha ranking in Judo and Iaido and is a member of the Kenshukan Dojo in Tokyo. Tomoleoni Sensei is a coauthor of the book “Along the Way”, a collection of writings about training.

Class Description

This class will focus on the “whys” of training. Why would you do one technique instead of another?  How does the training engagement have to change to make a particular technique necessary and available and applicable?  How do we train for those different situations?  We will focus on developing an understanding of technique principle and application from both uke and nage perspectives.

What to Bring to Class

Wear gi or comfortable clothing.

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The seminar is by donation, and all proceeds will go to support our work as we continue to bring this practice into the world.

Suggested donation: $15-35

Donate via Paypal: (paypal.me/nolaaikido)

(If that’s too much, pay whatever feels comfortable. If you’re feeling a financial squeeze just come to class.)

Beginners are warmly welcome.

We look forward to practicing with you on Saturday!

Please share this email with any and all you think might like to attend.

Thank you!

Brian Levy

Chief Instructor/Dojo Cho

New Orleans, LA, USA