We are very happy to announce a special live-streamed Zoom seminar class taught by Mats Ahlin Sensei (with a special secret assistant) this Saturday, August 15th at 12 pm CDT (19:00 CET!)

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Suggested donation $20
Paypal: paypal.me/nolaaikido

The proceeds from the seminar will go to support Ahlin Sensei and NOLA Aikido as we continue to bring this practice into the world.

(If finances are an issue, just register for the Zoom link, come, and bring you ki.)

Instructor Bio

Mats Ahlin Sensei, from Stockholm, Sweden:

I began practicing Aikido in 1997 with Jorma Lyly Sensei at Nuboku Aikido Dojo. Soon after this I started traveling to Vanadis Aikido Dojo where I also came in contact with Jan Nevelius Shihan.  And after a few years I also began practicing with Jan Sensei in his own dojo, Mitsu Domoe.  Through Jan and Jorma Senseis, I came into contact with Christian Tissier Shihan, and in 2006 I began to travel down to France for Tissier Sensei’s summer and Easter seminars, eventually beginning to travel down regularly to Paris to study at Cercle Tissier for nearly 10 years.  It was there I took my 3rd dan exam.

After this I have mostly practiced with Jan Sensei and traveled with him to various seminars, including a few times to New York City, and more recently to the ASU Winter Intensive in Sarasota, Florida.  I took my 4th dan exam last summer with Nevelius Shihan and the Swedish Aikido Testing Committee.

So I consider my main teachers to be Nevelius Sensei, Lyly Sensei, and Tissier Sensei!

Class Description

I will be teaching a bokken class which will be more about principles which we can apply and work on on our own or together with a partner, with less emphasis on a particular style!

I will also clarify the difference between basic Aikido and application through one of our bokken katas.

What to Bring to Class

For the class you will need a bokken.

You can wear your keiko-gi or loose-fitting comfortable clothing you can practice in.

Beginners are warmly welcome.

We look forward to practicing with you later today!

Please share this email with any and all you think might like to attend.

Thank you!

Brian Levy

Chief Instructor
New Orleans, LA, USA