Welcome to a Friendship Seminar with Lars Stjernstedt Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai, from Visby Aikido (Gotland, Sweden) at NOLA Aikido, May 10-12, 2019!

Check out this video of Lars Sensei in action, and register to reserve your spot.

NOLA Aikido is excited to be hosting Lars Stjernstedt Sensei from Kenshinkai Aikido Visby in Gotland, Sweden, a long-time student of Endo Shihan who has also practiced in the lineage of Kobayashi Yasuo Sensei. His focus is on clarity, precision, and sharpness of technique while maintaining deep connection with the partner. We will spend the weekend exploring relaxed power which never needs to resort to force.

The seminar flyer above is now available for download.

And pre-registration is now open.

More information is also available on Facebook.

For out-of-town guests, we can provide accommodations at the homes of our students, or suggest hotels, b and b’s, or hostels.  It is also possible to stay in the dojo.  Just contact us with any questions or for any help with logistics.

We look forward welcoming you to a great weekend on and off the mats with Lars Sensei who really embodies the gentle yet powerful nature of our shared art.

Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are as always very warmly welcome!