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NOLA Aikido is thrilled to invite you to a weekend seminar with Dr. Dirk Müller Sensei, 6th Dan, Aikikai!

Dirk Sensei heads the Shoshin Dojo Hamburg, and teaches a series of friendship seminars throughout Europe, Israel, Canada and the USA each year.

He is one of the few western ‘deshi’ of Seishiro Endo Shihan, and his Aikido is still characterized by his early encounters with Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan.

Müller Sensei’s Aikido is very dynamic, sensitive and center-connected.

As M.D. and T.C.M. Naturopath he focuses also on the energetic aspects of aiki practice as ‘yin and yang in motion’ and on the ‘internal center work’.

For more information, please download the flyer, or visit our Facebook event page, or contact us with any questions.

And for out-of-town guests, we would be happy to arrange housing with one of our students if possible, suggest nearby hotels and b and b’s.  You would also be welcome to stay in the dojo.

We are looking forward to a great weekend of spirited Aikido practice and good times enjoying all that our fair city has to offer in terms of nightlife, cuisine, and funky culture.

Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are warmly welcome!