By Jaime Dunkle (4th Kyu)

The latest episode of Art of Peace is now live!

Every year in March, Jan Nevelius Shihan (7th Dan) visits NOLA Aikido to instruct at the friendship seminar series. Nevelius Shihan is one of our main legacy teachers, based at the Vanadis Aikido Club in Stockholm, Sweden. He has practiced aikido since 1975, but still remains humble and committed to endless research, and says he is always learning something new about this beautiful martial art of peace. In this episode, he delves into the obscure qualities of kuzushi (unbalancing), the importance of connection, and the power of intuition.

Tune in to discover the beauty of this martial art of peace and gain a deeper understanding of its intricate techniques and philosophy.

Jan Nevelius Shihan’s most recent seminar was on March 15, 2024 to March 17, 2024. Your host Jaime Dunkle (4th Kyu) interviewed him in a studio space at Tulane University after the seminar ended, thanks to Media Services at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library!

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