An interview with Daniel Nishina Sensei

What does it mean to have a beginner’s mind (shoshin)? Why is it important to ask what’s going on with the body and mind during Aikido practice? What’s the point of having a teacher? Daniel Nishina Sensei from Hibiki Aikido in Portland, Oregon discussed these topics and more in the latest episode of the Art of Peace podcast.

“Asking why can help you become yourself,” Nishina Sensei said during the interview.

Nishina Sensei also mentioned a time when Seishiro Endo Shihan encouraged students to focus on how to soften one’s fun’iki or vibe.

“I gave it a lot of thought: How do you control your vibe? How do you make your vibe more quiet, soft, friendly, warm, or whatever? How do you change your vibe?” Nishina Sensei said in the interview.

Nishina Sensei brought his sharp yet poetic Aikido techniques to NOLA Aikido for a weekend seminar on Jan. 20, 2023 to Jan. 22, 2023. He kindly joined our podcast on the last day of the seminar.

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