NOLA Aikido is delighted to invite Miranda Saarentaus Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai for a weekend seminar. Saarentaus Sensei is the chief instructor of Akari Aikido Dojo near Helsinki, Finland and a long-time close student of Endo Seishiro Shihan. Saarentaus Sensei currently gives eight yearly seminars both in Finland and abroad. Her Aikido style emphasizes the flow of movement, not going against the force, always trying to find a way to guide your partner without coercion, and drawing strength from contact and communica- tion. Not surprisingly, jiyuwaza (free-flowing technique), is one of her trademarks. Aikidoists of all styles and affiliations are warmly welcome!

We are so excited about Miranda Saarentaus Sensei’s upcoming seminar here in New Orleans.  She embodies in her Aikido so much of what we are striving to access and continually deepen in our day-to-day practice, both on and off the mats.  We will spend the weekend in deep, joyful, meditative study.

For those of our guests coming from out of town, we can help with housing.  Several of our students have guest rooms available, and it is also possible to stay in the dojo.  If you are interested in these possibilities, or if you would prefer hotel and B and B recommendations, please contact us.

Pre-registration for the seminar is now open and spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot at the pre-registration discounted rate.

You can download a flyer (see above) which contains class times, fees, location, etc.

You can also read more about why we are so excited to be inviting Miranda Sensei to New Orleans by checking out our Facebook Event Page.

We hope you can come join us, and help us to spread the word.  Aikidoists from our dojo as well as the region and beyond are most warmly welcome!  This is a weekend of transformative Aiki you won’t want to miss!